Swap Your Usual Meat for Turkey

Turkey is such a versatile meat you can cook all your favourite meals with turkey meat just the same as you would use chicken, beef or any other meat.  Turkey mince can also be used as a lower fat option to eating beef mince.

Fresh turkey meat comes in lots of different cuts to suit all your family mealtime needs. In your local supermarkets you will find turkey mince, turkey steaks, diced turkey, turkey legs, turkey breast and more. If you’re pushed for time and want turkey quickly, Bernard Matthews have a range of convenient turkey products ready for you to just throw into a variety of hot or cold meals to create the perfect family meal.  These are available from most supermarkets.

Turkey Myths

Myth: Turkey is dry

Fact: No it is not! 

It’s a delicious, succulent meat, however, because the tradition at Christmas is to have a whole turkey some people have a tendency to cook it for longer than required, which can cause the meat to dry out.

Cooking turkey is exactly the same as cooking any other meat, simply follow the on-pack instructions to cook the perfect turkey.

Myth: Turkey only comes as a whole bird

Fact: No it doesn’t! 

Many people think that turkey just comes has a whole bird that is enjoyed on Christmas day. But turkey meat comes in mince, steaks, and diced meat all of which can be used in a variety of delicious meals!

So next time you cook spaghetti bolognaise, why not try using turkey mince for a lower fat option.