Light Meals

Looking for a delicious dish which will satisfy the taste buds and tummy without leaving you feeling bloated? Our selection of light turkey recipes have options for all meal occasions from brunch to lunch.

Quick and easy turkey stir..

Turkey stroganoff with soured cream

Turkey Escalope Deli Wrap

Turkey Ham and Cheese Omelette

Tomato and Turkey Pasta

Turkey Risotto

Turkey Crunchbox Recipe

Turkey and Cashew Stir Fry..

Turkey Pasta with Cheese and..

Turkey Tikka Quesadillas Recipe

BBQ Turkey Breast Pieces Jacket..

Turkey Caesar Salad Recipe

Turkey Ham and Egg Bagel..

Turkey Risotto Recipe

Turkey Soup with Vegetables and..

Turkey Ham & Jacket Potato..

Turkey Thai Style Bites Recipe

Turkey Baby Leaf Salad with..

Oriental Turkey Spring Roll Recipe

Turkey and Roasted Vegetable Pittas

Turkey, Warm Crushed Potato and..

Spicy Turkey Salad Recipe

Turkey Satay Sandwich Recipe

Chicken, Pear and Pecan Salad..

Turkey Ham & Fish Grills..

Turkey Citrus Salad Recipe

Turkey Ham and Cheese Volcanoes

Turkey Ham Frisbees Recipe

Turkey Ham Rice Surprise Recipe

Turkey Cocktail Blinis Recipe

Turkey and Asparagus Appetiser Recipe

Turkey Ham Pancakes Recipe

Turkey Ham Scones Recipe

Chilli Chicken Bagel Recipe

Turkey Ham and Leek Triangles..

Turkey Ham Butternut Squash Soup..

Turkey Spring Rolls with Cranberry..

Sweet and Sour Turkey Noodles

Lemon and pesto gnocchi with..

Turkey & Stilton Filo Parcels