Ten Things I Love About Turkey

What’s your favourite thing about turkey?

There are so many things to love about turkey – it’s versatile, low in fat, tasty and filling! We asked parents to share their own favourite things about turkey….

10 Things I Love About Turkey:

  • “Turkey is perfect in stir-fries, it works with any sauce and has bags more flavour!” – Kirsty

  • “Turkey is great as an addition to those simple recipes that need a little something extra like a pasta bake.” – Amber

  • “Bernard Matthews turkey is all British!” – Jason

  • “Turkey makes a nice change from the standard mealtime meats like chicken and pork.” – Sarah

  • “I love using turkey breast mince because it’s a different option to using beef mince, which is lower calorie!” – Katherine

  • “It’s not just for Christmas like everyone thinks! You can use it in so many different dishes, it’s great in winter warmer stews but also in caesar salads!” – Toby

  • “Turkey is really great if you are trying to find tasty foods that don’t raise your cholesterol as turkey breast meat, without the skin is low in saturated fat” – Daniel

  • “I eat turkey a lot when I’m trying to lose weight; it is enjoyable and allows you to stay away from fatty red meats and carbs!” – Jacqui

  • “Turkey is so easy to use, just like chicken!” – Jenny

  • “Turkey provides so many meal options from roast dinner with a whole bird to Indian tikka masala with chunks, there’s so many options.” – Nicola

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