Tempting Turkey Facts

Discover some fascinating facts about our favourite bird!

We all love a delicious helping of turkey but did you know…

Top 10 facts:

  1. Turkeys have very good hearing
  2. Turkey eggs are approximately twice the size of chicken eggs
  3. It takes 28 days for a turkey egg to hatch
  4. Male turkeys are called Stags
  5. Female turkeys are called Hens
  6. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin ate turkey for their first meal on the moon
  7. Male and female turkeys look very similar until they are fully grown, when males have large wattles (red bits that dangle under the beak) and they grow a black beard, which are hair like feathers on their chest
  8. Turkeys have 3500 feathers when fully grown
  9. Stags ‘gobble’ and hens ‘cluck’
  10. The red dangly bit that hangs over the beak is called a ‘snood’