Quick and Easy Family Meal Inspiration

We all enjoy teatimes if they’re tasty. It’s a great time for families to talk together and teach young children good habits. Here are just a few ideas for quick and easy meals the whole family can enjoy together.

Tasty Turkey Frittata

Get creative with your leftovers

An omelette with a difference. This tasty Turkey Frittata uses our delicious Wafer Thin Turkey Ham, cooked new potatoes, spring onions, cheese, peas, spinach and eggs. You can pretty much use any leftover veg you have to hand. There are no rules! Serve generous wedges with a dressed salad.
Turkey Frittata 

Turkey Tagliatelle with Pesto

Easy playdate tea for the kids

Whether you’re cooking for your kids and their friends or for the whole family, this mouth-watering pasta dish is a real dinner winner. Made with a pesto sauce, single cream and our Roasted Turkey Breast Pieces, this tasty tagliatelle is perfect for a super-speedy hot family tea. Serve steaming in large bowls.

Turkey tagliatelle with pesto 

Cauliflower and Turkey Bake

Perfect for feeding large crowds

The ultimate in tasty family food, this cheesy bake, made with Roast Turkey Breast Pieces is a great way to sneak in a few healthy additions to your dinner. A delicious roast turkey and cauliflower dish with a creamy sauce and a subtle curry kick, you could also add a handful of peas or your choice of veg. Serve with a garden salad and some garlic bread.

Cauliflower and turkey bake 

Turkey and Cashew Stir Fry with Noodles

Quick and easy Monday night meal

This turkey recipe made with Turkey Breast Slices is a healthy and light Chinese treat which contains at least three of your five-a-day. It uses a black bean sauce but feel free to add your favourite Chinese sauce. Both the turkey and cashew nuts are a source of protein and mixed with the egg noodles, it’s a great way to stay fuller for longer.
Turkey and Cashew Stir Fry with Noodles 

Turkey Stroganoff with Soured Cream

One of Mum’s favourites (and Dad’s too!)

This crowd-pleaser makes a great “it’s almost the weekend” type celebratory meal for the family. The chestnut mushrooms, delicious Roast Turkey Breast Pieces and crème fraiche make this stroganoff taste a little bit special. Serve with fluffy rice, some chopped flat-leaf parsley and some buttery green beans. Make double and serve round two of your stroganoff sauce with pasta.
Turkey Stroganoff with Soured Cream