Bernard Matthews Chef Reviews NEW ‘Strut & Cluck’ Restaurant

26 May 2016

Newly opened turkey restaurant in London, ‘Strut & Cluck’, is set to become Shoreditch’s latest foodie favourite. The restaurant is owned by husband and wife Amir and Limor Chen and boasts a bright and fresh residence serving a range of Eastern Mediterranean home cooking with turkey meat as its hero ingredient!

Our Bernard Matthews chef, Dan Boniface was lucky enough to be invited to the soft opening of the restaurant and enjoyed a delicious preview of some of their Eastern Mediterranean cooking! Dan was served up some stunning dishes including a slow roast turkey thigh, which he said was cooked incredibly well with a hint of smoke and a beautifully crisp skin, served on a bed of caramelised red onions, sweet potatoes and baberries. He also tasted the chargrilled drumstick, served with roasted white cabbage, herbs, tahini, pomegranate molasses and zhoug, describing the combination of sauces as ‘a real winner’. The house smoked pastrami was also another favourite of Dan’s; served on grilled sourdough bread, with grainy mustard mayo, rainbow slaw and melted jarlsberg. Dan described this dish as full of flavour with lots of smoke and spice and simply a great eat. The restaurant offers a range of exquisite dishes using all sorts of cooking methods, they also cater to different tastes offering vegetarian options as well as dishes that are perfect for sharing.

Bernard Matthews has been promoting turkey as a tasty, versatile meat which is ideal for everyday use all year round for over 65 years! We are thrilled to see this fresh and exciting new restaurant, which is the first of its kind on the high street to solely embrace this wonderful meat. Dan personally felt it was a “great experience seeing someone else creating unusual dishes with turkey and how brilliant an opportunity it was to really open people’s eyes, as they won’t have eaten turkey like this before”.

If you would like to know more about Strut & Cluck or even pay it a visit, the restaurant opening hours and location can be found on their website at:

We would really recommend you ‘Strut’ on down!

Strut and Cluck restaurant
House smoked turkey pastrami sandwich 
Turkey drumstick 
Turkey thigh