Live it Lean with British Turkey

01 July 2016

British Turkey launched a campaign this week and running until the end of August, titled ‘Live it Lean’. The campaign is being fronted by social media influencer & nutritionist, Madeleine Shaw, to help drive trial and sales of fresh British turkey products. Madeleine Shaw is now positioned 26 in the Top 100 food influencers in the UK, has over 40,000 Twitter followers, 250,000 followers on Instagram, and after launching her first book ‘Get The Glow’, has just launched her second, ‘Ready, Steady, Glow’.

Supported by Bernard Matthews and other turkey producers in the UK through British Poultry Council membership, this campaign will champion quality British Turkey as a great tasting, healthy, lean and versatile meat. The focus will be on the use of breast meat products, in a variety of formats such as steaks, diced and mince, and is demonstrated through recipes created by Madeleine Shaw which not only use turkey, but also other ingredients known to offer a variety of nutritional benefits, such as avocado, pomegranate and almonds.

The activity has been created to build interest and the relevance of British Turkey for eating all year, by tapping into current health and wellbeing trends to reach a target audience of busy mums and younger consumers. A ‘Live it Lean’ recipe was created and sent out to media for the launch, ‘Shredded Turkey Salad with fresh mint, miso kale, flaked almonds, avocado and pomegranate’, and is to be followed up with other recipes through a variety of social media, press and online titles to help inspire their recipe features, as well featured on Madeleine’s own, and British Turkey’s website and social media sites. The other recipes include Spiced Turkey Curry with Spinach, Peas and Cauliflower Rice, Turkey Meatballs in homemade tomato sauce and Turkey Schnitzel with Parsnip Chips.

Madeleine Shaw also helped launch the campaign with a media event held in London at Aveqia, where 12 media editors, feature writers and bloggers attended a recipe workshop, a taster and Q&A session and sit down meal with Madeleine Shaw and members of British Turkey. Attendees included Asda Magazine, Hello, OK, Sainsbury’s Magazine, Health and Fitness Magazine, Weight Watchers and the blogger ‘Twice the Health’. Social Media has already started to pick up the recipes and we are looking forward to starting to see further coverage in the coming weeks, from those that attended the launch.

British Turkey’s target is to reach nearly 12M consumers through the communication of the ‘Live it Lean’ turkey recipe to help create awareness of this great, low fat, high protein meat.

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Madeleine Shaw
Turkey Schnitzel with Parsnip Chips 
Turkey Salad