Bernard Matthews Celebrates Environment Day 2015

12 June 2015

As part of the Bernard Matthews Big Green Plan, we aim to be the U.K’s greenest farmer and this year we decided to celebrate World Environment Day by having our own Bernard Matthews Environment Week! World Environment Day 2015, was celebrated on the 5 June following the theme of “Seven Billion dreams. One Planet, Consumer with Care.”

As a business we’re always looking to minimise the impact we may have on the environment so during the week we encouraged as many staff as possible to get involved in a number of ways:

• Cycle into work and record their mileage
• Car share for the week to reduce the impact of cars on the road
• Create leftover lunches from dinner the night before
• Make the effort to walk on journeys staff would normally drive
• Do a home energy check, turning down your thermostat by 1°C at home could save you £90 a year!
• Have a low carbon meal – buy all the ingredients from sources as near to your home as possible
• Re-use water bottles by filling them from the tap, rather than buying expensive bottled water – UK water is among the best in the world and only costs £1 per cubic metre
• Re-use plastic bags when staff go shopping – 50% of the plastic we use is just used once and thrown away.

We had a great effort around the business from people who embraced the challenges! One staff member who everyone can be inspired by was Michael Handley, from the accounts department, who managed a staggering 292 miles on his bicycle during the week! From his home in Acle to our offices in Great Witchingham, Michael cycled four hours a day to clock up this impressive figure!