The Big Green Plan

27 March 2015

Fifty years on since revolutionising the turkey industry we’re still looking at ways in which we can make a difference.


One thing we are passionate about is sustainability and we are making great strides in terms of our environmental performance.

Energy initiatives

To ensure we continue to do so we’ve recently launched ‘The Big Green Plan’, a programme of green energy initiatives that will help towards our aim to be the UK’s greenest farmer and to put sustainability at the very heart of the business.

To date we’re pleased to report that we are making good progress and can already claim a 31% reduction in carbon emissions since 2007 and have built several of our projects, including wind turbines, solar farms and a waste plant, all on our own sites.

Our 6 Energy Goals

We are proud of our achievements to date but realise we still have a way to go to achieve what we as a business feel we are fully capable of. We have therefore set ourselves six focussed green energy goals that we realise are challenging, yet with hard work and dedication across the business, are achievable in the next four to six years.

• be 100% self-sufficient from renewable green electricity (by 2016)
• send no waste to landfill
• reduce our carbon emissions by 35%
• be 100% carbon neutral
• reduce the weight of our packaging
• reduce our water usage by 20%

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