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We think our turkey is pretty tasty, but don't just take our word for it!
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Jenny is originally from Newbury and now lives in Devon with her two boys, Burton, who is five, and Jenson, who is three.
After working in marketing for a few years, she set up her own business, a little cafe in North Devon, which she ran for five years. She is now a stay-at-home mummy blogger.
Mummy Mishaps loves to bake and regularly features delicious cake recipes on her blog!
  • We tried:

"Using Bernard Matthews’s dinosaurs as my main ingredient, I decided to make Burton and Jenson a Turkey Dinosaur tea."

  • What we did:

"I filled the mash potato volcano with some oozing tomato sauce lava, surrounded by some healthy veggie-tation and some dino footprints made from carrots. Yep this is how my brain works!!"

  • What we thought:

"The thing I like about Bernard Matthews children’s products nowadays is that I know I am buying products which are derived from British raised turkey meat, and not imported from outside of the UK."