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We think our turkey is pretty tasty, but don't just take our word for it!
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Product Reviews

"Hello, I’m Emma. I’m a stay at home mum/cook/cleaner to my 3 children and husband, I have been in this role since 2009 where I gave birth to ‘the baby’. This prompted me to start an online blog where I could document those first few months. It’s my outlet for pretty much anything & everything!"
  • We tried:

"We tried Bernard Matthews Frozen Turkey Jetters."

  • What we did:

"We did Jetters in bed for one lunch which was just simply pitta bread, bits of salad, some Turkey Dinosaurs and of course splodges of ketchup."

  • What we thought:

"With Bernard Matthews products we can go from empty plates to a plate full of food in just under 20 minutes depending on the product, which is brilliant when you need to quickly chuck together some dinner for the family. Or even if you need a quick lunch fix. It was so lovely watch him enjoying his favourite meal, turkey dinosaurs, which he has asked for quite often for dinner since he was a toddler."

Product Reviews