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We think our turkey is pretty tasty, but don't just take our word for it!
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Product Reviews

"Hi, I'm Mari, blogging about all sorts since Jan 2010. Mum to 4, grandma to 3. Lover of tea, chocolate and wine. I like to travel, eat, cook and learn something new every day, well almost every day."
  • We tried:

"We tried Bernard Matthews Turkey Numbers."

  • What we did:

"I cooked my Bernard Matthews Turkey Numbers with mash and peas."

  • What we thought:

"The frozen numbers highly amused the girls and prompted a bit of maths whilst eating their dinner. Bernard Matthews products may be considered by some to be processed food but they are plain British turkey with practically no hidden extras. All turkey is locally sourced in the UK and with no added colours, flavourings or preservatives. They are also coated in a wholemeal blend crumb."

Product Reviews