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We think our turkey is pretty tasty, but don't just take our word for it!
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"I’m Danny, I live in the heart of Essex and have done for the best part of 14 years. I currently live with a bearded flatmate and I squeeze in four kids every other weekend. I write about things that interest me, or stuff that I’m opinionated about. I also write if I’m paid to, but there has to be a reason for me writing and it almost always links back to an interest or something to do with the kids."
  • We tried:

"For the family, I cooked a range of Bernard Matthews frozen turkey products. They took Less than twenty minutes!"

  • What we did:

"We made sure there was an even split of everything for everyone, dished out the vegetables and potatoes as side dishes, and asked if anyone wanted anything else. Apparently not, as they all started on their dinner while I reflected on the fact that the food looked very dry and wondered if I should have made some baked beans to go with it all."

  • What we thought:

"We sat down to eat and happily munched my way through the lot. My fears about the dryness of the food were firmly put on the back burner as everything was tasty and moist. Even the thinner breaded turkey dinosaurs, which I felt sure, would end up hard and crispy (much like a real dinosaur) proved to be soft and delicious."