Making lunchtime fun

Creative ideas to put the fun back into lunch

Making the kids’ lunches more fun is a great way to influence their food choices. If you can keep them interested, it will encourage them to eat more of what you give them. However, it can sometimes be difficult to think of new and creative ideas, so here are just a few helpful tips for putting the fun back into lunch:

Light up their lunches

Cool Design, Cool Lunch

Invest in a lunch box design that your child will really love. The idea is that if they love their lunch box, they’re more likely to want to eat from it!

Dipping Crazy

Children love to dip: raw vegetables, pieces of Roast Turkey Breast Pieces or Chicken Breast Pieces, cheese and bread sticks are great to have with dips such as hummus, yoghurt and cucumber, salsa and reduced fat cream cheese.

Football Salads

Make a salad fun by creating a field of spinach, ribbons of cheese for the goal posts and lines of Roast Turkey Breast Pieces or Chicken Breast Pieces for the star players. Use a cherry tomato for the ball and they’re sure to love it!

Reinventing the wheel

Our Wafer Thin Turkey Ham is great for making sandwich cartwheels. Simply remove the crusts on one side of a piece of brown bread, place on top a slice of Turkey Ham. Then roll into a tight cartwheel (like a roll of carpet) and slice into individual cartwheels. You can also make other wheel shapes using a chunk of cheese as the middle and wrapping layered strips of Turkey Ham around the outside.

Love Letters for Little People

Add post-it notes or little messages to your child’s lunch. You can include anything from a funny joke, to wishing them a good day or something for them to look forward to when they see you next.

Themed Lunches

Theme your child’s lunch around their favourite animal or toy. A Teddy Bear’s Picnic, A Lion’s Lunch or try Number-themed lunches e.g. Seven of everything – grapes, crisps, cucumber sticks - and sandwiches in the shape of a seven.

Get creative

Creative Kebabs

Make fresh kebabs. On a blunted wooden skewer, try threading Roast Turkey Breast Pieces or Chicken Breast Pieces, cherry tomatoes, cheese and pieces of apple or pear.

Be inventive with bread

You don’t always have to use regular sliced bread for your sandwiches. Remember to keep options flowing with pitta breads, wraps, ciabatta, tacos, paninis and brown or wholegrain rolls.

Fruit Cheats

Try to include a piece of fresh fruit or fresh juice with your child’s meal. Or sneak into yoghurt and ice cream: dried fruit, fruit pieces or puree. Alternatively, fruit smoothies with a fancy straw is another great way to make fruit fun.

Mini Shoppers

Involve your child at the supermarket. Ask them to make their own choices for their lunch boxes, our flavoured Roast Turkey Breast Pieces or Chicken Breast Pieces is great for choosing something different.

Fruity Water

Children become easily dehydrated so don't forget drinks. Add some fresh strawberries, a wedge of orange or some raspberries to a bottle of water to make it more interesting.

Turkey Lunchables

Make your own snack lunchables using crackers, Wafer Thin Turkey Ham and slices of cheese and cucumber.

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