We have full traceability from farm to fork and need enthusiastic, skilled employees across a whole variety of functions. From the breeding and rearing of our turkeys and chickens, all the way through to supporting our production, commercial and transport operations we offer a world of opportunities.

Please see below for more information on how to apply and vacancies in the area or work you are interested in:

Jobs in Farming

Our Agricultural Division employs over 300 personnel from a wide range of disciplines across our 56 farms, hatcheries and at our feed mill, located on sites in Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire.

Bernard Matthews offers the following Terms and Conditions of Employment

Many opportunities exist, ranging from working on farms with our stock, to being managers and supervisors, who look after staff and the health and welfare of the turkeys.

Our research team are constantly monitoring our production methods and, where possible, improving feed quality and operating procedures to produce healthy, fit birds. As part of an integrated system, our mill produces quality feed to our farms.

We also have a team of skilled engineers and builders responsible for, maintaining and undertaking project works on our farm sites.

Great emphasis is placed on recruiting enthusiastic and loyal personnel with good communication skills. In return, we offer our staff progressive training opportunities and the chance to gain recognised qualifications.

Our in-house trainers, in association with colleges, assist and monitor students' progression, and new recruits in the engineering section have the opportunity to undertake conversion courses.

Our aim in the agricultural business is:

  • To produce the highest quality turkeys with strong emphasis on bird health and welfare;

  • To act responsibly towards the communities in which we live and work, and to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment;

  • To provide our workforce with job security, fair and competitive wages, safe working conditions, proper training and the opportunity for continued personal development and progression.

So if you feel you would like to work in our Agricultural team, please submit your CV by clicking the link below: