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Carve a Turkey

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How To Carve a Turkey

Carving your turkey can be a daunting task. After the hours of preparation and cooking, carving the turkey is the final stage of your delicious lunch. Here are our top tips on how to carve the perfect turkey.

Here are our top tips on how to carve the perfect turkey or watch our carving video.

Before you start, make sure you have:

  • Big carving board
  • Sharp carving knife and fork
  • Warmed serving platter
  • Kitchen roll
Place the cooked turkey on the board and steady with a carving fork. With a sharp knife, cut the skin between the thigh and breast.
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Bend thigh outwards and cut straight through the hip joint, removing the whole leg.
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To separate the thigh meat from the drumstick, hold the drumstick by the knuckle end with a piece of kitchen paper. Slice firmly downwards between the thigh and the leg, twisting the knife to cut through the joint. Next carve thin slices from the thigh and place meat onto the warmed serving platter. Repeat with other thigh.
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For the drumsticks, these can either be placed on the serving platter to serve whole or the meat can be sliced as follows. Again hold the drumstick at the knuckle end with a piece of kitchen paper. Carve the meat and skin from one side of the drumstick along the line of the bone. Roll leg over and repeat carving again along the bone. Repeat with other drumstick.
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Move the wing to locate the joint then cut through the wing joint.  Place onto the platter, this is one serving.
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If stuffing has been used, slice a hole large enough in the neck cavity to remove all the stuffing.Then thinly slice and place on the platter to be served with the meat.

If there is any stuffing left in the turkey, simply scoop out with a spoon and place in a bowl to serve separately.
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Hold the carving fork against the side of the breast to be carved.Slice breast meat evenly, starting at the neck cavity. Lift each slice with carving fork and knife rather than letting it fall. This ensures the meat does not break up. Place each slice on to the platter as it is carved.
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