Healthy Food Kids Will Love

Clever ways to present a healthy offering

Sometimes children have no idea what’s in their dinner, all they know is that it tastes great. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing your kids are enjoying food that’s good for them. However, sometimes we need to be a bit clever about how we present a healthy offering.

Have you ever had to dress up a carrot, sneak in some mashed broccoli or remove the lumpy bits from a smoothie? Sound familiar? It can sometimes take a little thought when trying to reinvent dinner, so here are a few ways to keep the flavour and goodness without having to make any bargains around the dinner table!

Get kids to eat more whole grains

Whole grains are packed with protein, fibre and nutrients. Try using whole wheat pasta shapes in pasta bakes and macaroni and cheese – the sauce will mask the colour of the pasta and the kids won’t notice the difference. Try our Turkey Mac and Cheese Recipe – with whole grain pasta and Turkey Breast Pieces, this is a deliciously protein packed meal!

Brown bread is a little harder to hide. Try making a healthy cheese on toast with layers of sliced tomato, Wafer Thin Turkey Ham and grated courgette hidden underneath the melted cheese.

Or try to make sure your fillings are interesting to distract them from the colour of the bread. Creating cartwheels with one slice of white and one slice of brown is a fun way to do this, and making funny faces using brown bread rolls is always a winner! Try our Pinwheels.

Sometimes certain shaped sandwiches can be more appealing than others. Try our Turkey munchkin.

Or try using brown pittas or fajita wraps, they’re much more fun than regular sliced bread. Try our BBQ Turkey Fajitas.

Brown rice might feel like a step too far for your kids and if it does, try brown basmati rice. It isn’t as chewy, it’s lighter in colour and even has a fragrant taste. Add even more goodness to your brown basmati by making egg fried rice, a kids favourite. Limit the amount of oil you use and add in some scrambled egg, peas, grated cabbage, a few Roast Turkey Breast Pieces and some chopped carrots. If your children are old enough, serve with chopsticks to make the experience even more enticing.

Sneaky vegetable and fruit tricks

And then there’s the age-old challenge of getting your kids to eat their greens! Here are just a few simple ways to sneak in a few extra vegetables at meal times:

• Use spirals of courgettes instead of spaghetti and top with your usual Bolognese sauce
• Why not try adding a couple of handfuls of cooked brown lentils to your cottage pie mix, mixed in with the sauce and turkey mince, your kids won’t spot them
Spinach does a disappearing act when you puree it and add it to your stews and casseroles
• Grate or puree peppers, butternut squash and carrots to your tomato based sauces
• Chop spinach or other spring greens very finely and add to cheesy scrambled eggs, an omelette or a frittata
• Steam and puree cauliflower and then add to mashed potato, using a ratio of 50% potato and 50% cauliflower
• Add grated courgette to your pizza dough
Puree broccoli and mix into your white sauce that you use in fish pies, lasagna and curries
• Have smoothies had their day? Make (fruit) milk shakes by simply blending your favourite berries with some milk and a teaspoon of honey. Kids will notice it’s a little sweeter and if you serve with a straw in a different glass, you might have a happier customer!
• Try serving up fruit pizzas. Take a brown fajita wrap, spread with crème fraiche, top with sliced bananas and blueberries and a drizzle of honey.

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