Freezer Must Haves - What to Stock in Your Freezer

We all understand the importance of having some carefully selected store cupboard essentials in our kitchen. Actually, the same rule applies to what we keep in our freezer too.

Although we all strive for “fresh”, the reality is that our freezer can actually often provide us with the same if not better benefits than fresh food. Not only does the freezing process lock-in the freshness but it’s more convenient and can help you through the busy week.

Here are our top go-to freezer foods that will come to your rescue:


Whether you buy your fruit already frozen or you freeze fresh fruit, this is a great way to stock the season. Add frozen strawberries, mango, cherries, raspberries or banana to smoothies, desserts, porridge, crumbles and pancakes.

Quick go-to teas

For super-quick, easy peasy teas, keep a few bags of our frozen breaded goodies in your freezer. Our Mini Kievs, Turkey Dinosaurs, Jetters or Golden Drummers are perfect served with two portions of your favourite veg. Great for last minute play dates or those nights when after school clubs mean the kids are starving and you need to feed them quickly. These are fabulously easy teas, cooked in less than 20 minutes that you know your kids will love.

Top tip: Puree some cooked broccoli or kale and with a handful of grated cheese stir this into your mashed potato for a healthy twist on mash.


The UK’s favourite frozen veg is probably peas! Of course it is. You can make pea soup, pea risotto, pea frittata, pea pasta and it makes the ideal sidekick to most teatime staples. Other handy veg to stock includes corn on the cob, carrots, broccoli and broad beans which have a short season and taste just as great cooked from frozen.


It’s always helpful to have a bag of oven chips in your freezer and because potatoes take a bit of time to peel and prep, consider buying a range of spuds prepared different ways such as mashed, rosits, croquettes, gratin and wedges.


Fresh herbs never seem to last very long in your fridge. So finely chop some herbs in ice cube trays, add a little water and pop in the freezer. Parsley, basil, chives and other soft herbs will go brown and limp which is why you need to add water. Herbs like thyme or rosemary can be frozen without water.

Sliced Bread

Never go short again. Use your loaf and keep a spare in your freezer. Pre-sliced of course. You can then remove slices from your emergency stash and toast from frozen as and when you need them.


Milk will freeze for 1 month. Defrost in the fridge and shake well before using. Especially handy if you have young children. Freeze in an airtight container(s) with at least 3cm at the top as the container will expand during the freezing process. Defrost in your fridge when you need it.

Butter wrappers

Genius! Who thought of this one? You know the small amounts of butter that are always leftover from a block of butter? Freeze this leftover butter in its wrapper. Next time you’re baking, take the wrapper out before you start and once softened, use it to grease your tin. You can actually freeze big blocks of butter too.