delivering high quality british turkey

Farming is at the heart of our business, and always has been. From the very start, we put 100% care into the rearing of our turkeys. Healthy turkeys support a healthy business which means turkey welfare is an absolute priority to us.

With over 65 years of experience in turkey farming, and with the reassurance of full traceability from ‘farm to fork’, we bring the highest quality, tastiest British turkey for you to enjoy.

Here’s a few facts about our turkey:

Keeping it local and traceable

  • All our turkeys are 100% British.
  • We have 100% farm to fork traceability – because we own and manage every stage, from breeding and laying our turkey eggs, to rearing our turkeys and preparing our own turkey products, we know exactly where the turkey in your product came from!
  • The majority of our turkey eggs are from our own breeder flocks in Norfolk and Suffolk. Specialist breeds, such as Bronze turkeys, come from carefully chosen suppliers in the UK.
  • The eggs hatched at our Great Witchingham hatchery in Norfolk come from our breeding farms in Norfolk and Suffolk.
  • We rear 7 million turkeys, the majority of which are farmed across Norfolk, Suffolk & Lincolnshire.
  • Our farms are perfectly located to make the most of the calm climate on this side of the UK, and the wealth of agricultural resources the region has to offer.
  • We prepare all our turkey products at our production sites in Norfolk and Suffolk, ensuring we keep food miles as low as possible, our farms all being local!

Caring for our turkeys

  • We adhere strictly to certified high standards for the rearing and welfare of our turkeys.
    • We are Quality British Turkey and Assured Foods (Red Tractor) certified, meaning we adhere to a rigorous set of criteria that not only reassures our turkey is British, but that it is reared to high standards of food safety, traceability and animal welfare.
    • All our farming practices are in line with the DEFRA’s code of practice and the Farm Animal Welfare Council's Five Freedoms
  • Our farms (and production sites) are open to regular unannounced inspections from independent bodies such as Defra, Trading Standards, the RSPCA and all UK supermarkets.
  • Our indoor turkeys live in sheds where the temperature and ventilation are monitored and controlled to meet the birds requirements 24/7. They have access to food and water at all times and can move freely around the shed where they can interact with their companions. Pecking and perching objects in the sheds, stimulate them and allow them to display natural behaviour.
  • We also rear free range turkeys at Christmas, in pasture and woodland areas with warm housing available overnight to protect the birds from predators. These facilities enable both Bronze and white turkeys to roam freely and forage.

Our farming team

  • All our farmers are highly experienced and care passionately about the birds under their care, which is demonstrated by the long service and experience within our team with 20% of our farmers having worked on our farms for over 20 years, and 11% for over 30 years!
  • Across Norfolk and Suffolk we now have farms where the 3rd generation of families have continued the tradition of supplying quality birds to our agricultural estate.
  • Our farmers are also supported by a range of specialists within the agricultural team, from welfare officers, nutritionists, technicians, fieldsmen and independent vets, all focussing on ensuring that the health and welfare of the birds is the priority.

Feeding our turkeys

  • We feed all our turkeys on a nutritious, cereal-based diet that contains mainly wheat, all sourced from East Anglia - 'the grain bowl of Britain'. Around 200,000 tonnes of wheat is sourced every year!
  • We like to keep suppliers local where we can - The Mason family, at Sporle Farm, Norfolk for instance, have supplied us wheat for over three decades!
  • Nearly all our turkey’s food is prepared at our own mill in Kings Lynn, Norfolk - all 450,000 Tonnes of it every year!

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If you wish to know any more out our turkeys or farms, please contact us and we will be very happy to tell you a bit more!