Easy Peasy Teas

Everything you need to know about making tea times easy and delicious.
We’ve got loads of family meal ideas, top tips and recipe ideas to help make your teas hearty and delicious!

Top 10 Easy Peasy Tea Tips

  1. Plan for the week
  2. Get as many ingredients as you can on your weekly 'big shop'
  3. Think about making one ingredient work two ways
  4. Use small pieces - they cook quicker!
  5. Make the most of your leftovers
  1. One-pot-wonders are easy and save on the washing up
  2. Have breakfast at dinner - scrambled eggs for tea? Lovely!
  3. Slow cookers are great when you're out for the day
  4. Mix up your sides - try rice, chips and jackets
  5. Let the kids help make it - they're more likely to eat it too!

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WHY Turkey’s GREAT

Did you know……

  • Turkey breast is low in fat
  • Turkey is high in protein
  • Turkey is a great source of vitamins and minerals
  • Turkey tastes great!