Cost saving lunch ideas

Learn how to make lunch times cheerful without being cheap

It’s very easy to spend over twenty-five quid a week on shop sandwiches, crisps and drinks - and then there’s the kids’ lunches on top of that! So how can you cut the cost of your weekly lunch bill whilst having some tasty things to look forward to? It doesn’t matter if you’re working towards a budget, as long as you plan ahead, then all that’s left is to do is get creative! That’s where we come in. Here are just a few ways you can make lunch times very cheerful without being cheap.

Firstly, make sure you get off to a good start.

Be A Savvy Shopper

In terms of meal planning and buying food for your lunches, here are a few tips to take with you to the supermarket:

  • Queen of Lists: Make sure you stick to what’s on your shopping list. Knowing what you're going to eat for lunch will mean fewer trips to the supermarket and less waste.

  • Don’t shop when hungry! You’ll end up spending much more than you would usually.

  • Find your lunchtime heroes: we suggest buying three key staple protein sources to base your lunches around, along with some other choice ingredients that you can use in different ways throughout the week. Why not try: Wafer Thin Turkey Ham, Turkey Breast Slices and some Roast Chicken Breast Pieces or Roast Turkey Breast Pieces.

Below are some great ways to turn your three staple meat products into some delicious lunches for the office, for the kids’ lunchboxes and lunchtimes at home.

On-the-Money Office Lunches

Your colleagues will have food envy and your boss will be impressed when they see you tuck into this Turkey Salad Jar, full of flavour, low in calories, high in protein and low in cost. It’s especially cost effective if you make your Salad Jar two to three times a week. Make each one slightly different by adding nuts, roasted vegetables, croutons, different dressings or cheese depending on what you have in your fridge or cupboard that week.

Everybody loves a jacket spud for lunch. But instead of spending three pounds or more every time, take in your own pre cooked potato and filling. Try this delicious Coronation Chicken (or turkey) Jacket Potato. Make twice the amount and then use the other half as a sandwich filling on another day. This also makes a great addition to your Salad Jar. Try our Coronation Chicken (or turkey) Recipe.

Priceless Pack-Ups

Try our turkey munchkin. The kids won’t have a clue this fun lunchtime sandwich cost you less than a quid to make. Simply prepare the bread roll the evening before and prep the rest of you child’s lunch box, leaving you to simply fill your roll with our delicious Wafer Thin Turkey Ham before you leave the house.

Make a few extra teatime turkey ham and mini muffin pizzas the night before and pop one of these in your kids’ lunchbox instead of a sandwich. Make funny faces or try to recreate a character your child loves most. Get the kids involved if you can, they’re more likely to want to eat something they’re proud of.

Home Lunch Wins

Raid the storecupboard and knock up a quick pasta lunch. Quick and easy to make and not to mention cheap as chips. If you don’t have any fresh peppers, you can use any vegetables you have to hand for this including broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms or asparagus. Make a slightly bigger batch and take leftovers with you into work the next day. Try our tasty turkey tagliatelle.

You can make this yummy turkey fritatta with any of our cooked turkey or chicken hams. It’s a simple and delicious meal to share with the family and you can cut into wedges for an office lunch or lunchbox treat the next day.

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