Your 'Flap-Free' Christmas Turkey Guide

Top 10 Flap-Free Christmas Tips

  • Make a plan and get as much ready as you can the night before
  • To save time on the big day, cook veg the day before and store in the fridge
  • For an extra moist turkey, criss-cross bacon over your turkey before cooking
  • Put a layer of veg under your turkey to add depth of flavour
  • Blitz down all the juices and roasted veg to create a really nice gravy
  • For a simple left over turkey treat, dip in beer batter and fry until golden brown
  • Par cook potatoes for 5 mins, drain and rough them up, toss in semolina and cook in goose fat
  • Stuff your turkey with ingredients to give it extra flavour - fill it with garlic, cranberries, onions, clementines, cloves & fresh herbs - yummy!
  • Have fun! Keep the food and drink flowing and don't forget your own glass, however busy you are!
  • Don't forget to save some turkey for tasty leftover meals and those all important turkey sandwiches we all love!

Christmas buffet recipes

Quick and tasty

Our cooked meats are perfect for those tasty turkey
and chicken sliced meat platters. Or why not try
something more adventurous for your guests with
either cooked meats or cooked turkey meat?

Here are some of our favourite ideas….
Turkey Bubble and Squeak Patties
Turkey and Broccoli Quiche
Chicken Crostini's
Turkey Cocktail Blinis
Turkey Ham Pancakes

Don't forget turkey is tasty all year round!


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