Whole bird or crown, which turkey is best for you this Christmas?

01 December 2016

Everybody loves turkey for lunch on Christmas Day and traditionally a whole bird has always been the popular choice, but increasingly people are opting for a turkey crown as a tasty alternative.

At Bernard Matthews we have a choice of both whole birds and crowns available depending on how many people you need to feed.

Our tasty Golden Norfolk Turkey is a self-basting family favourite and is so easy to cook. Or, if you’re looking for something smaller, our Golden Norfolk Turkey Breast Crown also makes a perfect roast dinner. So, how do you know whether a whole bird or crown is best for you?

How many are you cooking for?

Well, firstly it’s good to work out how many people you’ll be cooking for. As a general rule a good sized turkey crown will be suitable for feeding up to 10 people and a whole bird will feed between 2 and 18 people (sometimes more depending on the size of the bird). Use our handy turkey size guide to help you find out which is best for you.

How long do you have to defrost your bird?

If your party size is suitable for both a whole bird or crown it may be other factors that decide which one you go for. For example, have you left enough time to defrost your bird? Generally turkey crowns don’t take as long to defrost so could be a good option if you’re limited on time. Check out our handy turkey defrost calculator to find out more.

Do you prefer more breast meat?

Do you prefer more breast meat? Turkey crowns are all breast meat and there are no legs or wings, so if you prefer all white meat a crown is a good option for you.

However, if you enjoy a turkey leg or wing either as part of the main meal or as a cold cut in the evening, a whole bird will give you plenty of brown meat to enjoy and, if you get one a little bigger than you need, you’ll have plenty of meat for some delicious leftover turkey recipes too. Don’t forget a whole bird also makes a magnificent centrepiece for your festive Christmas table!

Flap Free Christmas Guide

If you’re still undecided about which turkey to buy, our Flap Free Christmas Guide will tell you everything you need to know.
Whole turkey or crown this Christmas?
Crowns are great for feeding up to 10 people 
Whole turkeys - ideal for big family Christmas dinners!