Utensils Every Kitchen Needs

15 January 2015

Finding a great recipe for turkey is one thing, but making sure you have the correct utensils to cook it can be a little tricky. No matter how wonderful the ingredients are in front of you, if you don’t have the kitchen tools in your cupboards there may well be a few hungry bellies waiting at the dinner table. Here are six essential utensils which often slip under the radar of our kitchens:


These handy devices are perfect for shredding cheese, vegetables, potatoes and pretty much anything you desire. Most graters today come with multiple surfaces, along with different size grating holes and slicers to cater for different foods and recipes.

Mortar and Pestle

The best way to maximise the flavour of herbs and spices in your cooking. Mortar and pestles are used in each and every continent to grind flavouring ingredients together, such as peppercorns, garlic, paprika, chili and oils. Any chef will tell you that the fundamental element of any curry is the paste made before – always created in this trusty utensil.


These bowl-shaped kitchen utensils are used to strain the water from food such as pasta, rice, or any food that has been boiled or steamed. They come in a variety of materials, with most households owning a plastic variety.


Originated from Asia but have become a household item for many across the world. The simplistic design allows for large quantities of food to be shallow-fried all at the same time. A fun way to cook oriental flavours and the ultimate cooking utensil for stir-fries and one-pan dishes.


Sometimes a fork just doesn’t cut it! Whisks are commonly used to blend liquid ingredients together or to incorporate air into mixtures. Pancake mix is a perfect example for when a whisk is needed, as is beating egg whites to make meringue.