Turkey Sandwiches

07 January 2015

The turkey sandwich is a true classic, and one of the most versatile lunch options out there. With a little extra effort and ingredients, humble and healthy turkey can be elevated into a low-cost yet gourmet lunchbox addition, sure to please adults and kids alike. Here are our top three turkey sandwich recipes which are easy and super yummy - the tough decision is which turkey meat to use!

Classic Cranberry

A scrummy mix of sweet and sharp. Spread a little mayonnaise or cream cheese on slices of bread, and place the turkey on top. Add salad ingredients of your choice - lettuce and cucumber slices are recommended. Finish with a healthy dollop of cranberry sauce or jam.

Turkey Club

A true classic and a take on one of the nation’s favourites. Spread your bread with a small amount of mayonnaise or low-fat margarine or butter. Place on top a few sliced tomatoes, as well as ham or crispy bacon if you please. Finish with your turkey on top, along with a large portion of lettuce.

Cream Cheese and Gherkin

A simple, yummy treat. Smear low-fat cream cheese on slices of bread and place slices of gherkin on top. Add your turkey, a sprinkle of pepper and there you have it. Red onion, tomato and lettuce are suitable salad accompaniments.
Top tip: Use multi-seed, wholemeal or rye breads for extra healthy options.