Quick and easy turkey leftover ideas

31 October 2014

Using up your leftovers and making mealtimes stretch that little bit further is a vital step in ensuring that we make the most of our weekly shops.

With pounds stretched, leftover food can be a welcome relief to parents worrying about filling up a family of rumbling bellies.

Plus, it reduces waste, is better for the environment and provides a fantastic opportunity to get creative in the kitchen!

Our top turkey leftover recipes

So whether you are still using up those turkey leftovers you froze after Christmas dinner, or have some turkey left over after your weekend joint, why not try some of these recipe ideas and see how you turn them into something delicious!
Turkey Casserole recipe
Turkey Pie recipe
Turkey bubble-and-squeak patties

Remember, you must be careful when storing previously cooked food. Make sure that any hot food has properly cooled before storing and that it’s reheated only once!

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Quick and easy turkey leftover ideas