The benefits of eating turkey

27 March 2015

We all know it’s important to eat healthy – ie eat less of x, eat more of y. But sometimes it’s a little difficult working out what type of food is good for you.

Why turkey is good for you

Turkey though is one type of food though that has lots of good stuff and really doesn’t have any downsides.

One of its main benefits is that it is a delicious source of nutrients packed with natural vitamins and minerals such as Niacin, Selenium, Phosphorus and Vitamin B6.
• Niacin and vitamin B6 are particularly important to our bodies as they help create a healthy nervous system and help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
• Selenium helps to maintain healthy hair and nails and a normal immune function.
• Phosphorous helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth.
So whilst turkey is a relatively recent addition to the world’s dinner table compared to other meats, it’s one of the tastiest, healthiest meats about us and if you ask us, is packed with flavour and taste!

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The benefits of eating turkey