Leftover turkey meal ideas

07 April 2015

So Easter has been and gone and, if you enjoyed a tasty turkey family meal, your freezer may now contain a tub full of leftover turkey. Whilst we often have good intentions when freezing leftovers, sometimes lack of recipe inspiration often means that the leftovers continue to stay frozen until the next time we have a freezer sort out!

Turkey is a great meat to freeze and we’ve got some inspirational recipes to ensure your leftover turkey doesn’t stay in the freezer for too long.

These Turkey Fajitas can be made using turkey leftovers and are quick, easy and tasty. Perfect for an easy weekday family meal.

Turkey curry is the classic leftover turkey recipe and this Turkey Tikka Masala recipe can be made using leftover turkey and only takes about 15 minutes to cook.

A one pot, bake in the oven tea is always a winner with mums so this Cajun Crumbed Turkey Mac n Cheese recipe which can be made using leftover turkey is the perfect ‘pop in the oven’ tea. You can leave out the spices if you’ve got little ones.