Easy recipes to cook with your kids

20 February 2015

The best way to get your kids eating delicious healthy meals is to get them to make their own food! Here are some fun recipes that your kids will love to make – and even better they’ll actually eat!

Turkey munchkin recipe -

Perfect for play dates our turkey munchkin recipe is a fun idea that all little munchkins will love. Using wafer thin turkey ham, mayonnaise, lettuce and cherry tomatoes it’s so simple to make that your kids (and your kids friends!) won’t only devour it they can also help make it!

Turkey ham frisbees

Parents are always trying to think of new meals to give their kids. Well this half term try our turkey ham frisbees recipe. This yummy recipe is another one you can enjoy making and eating with your kids – in fact you’ll be bowled over how well it goes down with the family! And don’t forget to try it with cranberry sauce or ketchup.

Turkey ham and cheese volcanoes

We’ve all been there. The kids sit down for tea and bang, the crying and screaming starts. Not any more with these tasty treats! Our turkey ham and cheese volcanoes won’t cause any eruptions at meal times plus you can get the kids to help you stir the recipe! Follow our quick 10 minute method using wafer thin turkey ham and within 20-25 minutes you will have a delicious tea-time meal – all served in muffin cases.

Turkey ham nachos recipe

Did someone say nachos?! Packed with crunch, spice and turkey goodness our turkey ham nachos recipe are simple for kids to make and then devour in seconds – just be careful on the jalapenos!