Our 'flap-free' Christmas turkey cooking guide is now available!

28 November 2016

Last year our flap-free guide to cooking the perfect Christmas turkey was a great success with many of you using it to cook that all important Christmas dinner!

With so many of you using it last year we've decided to relaunch our Christmas turkey guide for 2016!.

It's once again packed with all the important turkey cooking information you need for the big day including how to cook, defrost and carve your turkey. Plus a few other Christmas hints and tips to make sure the big day goes to plan.

Here's a quick summary of the guide - or click here to go straight to it.

Getting ready for the big day!

Want to know what size turkey to buy? No problem use our handy size guide to select the right size turkey.

Whole or crown? Read which product is right for you and your family here

Defrosting? Have you bought one of our Golden Norfolk Turkey's? We have a handy turkey defrosting guide on how long it needs to defrost before you put it in the oven.

On the big day!

We all know how hectic things get on Christmas day, but read our handy turkey cooking guide on how to cook the perfect Christmas turkey and help ensure you spend as little time in the kitchen as possible.

Carving? Use our turkey carving guide and make sure you serve up lovely slices of golden Norfolk turkey this Christmas and impress everyone round the table.

Hints and tips

We also have a host of Christmas buffet and party recipes using turkey and videos you can watch before and as you cook.

Our Christmas turkey guide also works on mobiles and tablets to help make cooking the perfect Christmas turkey as easy as possible.

Merry Christmas!
Turkey Cooking Guide
Whole bird or crown? 
Cooking the perfect Christmas turkey 
Carving the perfect turkey slices 
Turkey party food!