Back to school packed lunch turkey inspiration

13 April 2015

So the Easter break is over and you’ve enjoyed a couple of weeks of not having to worry about what to give the kids every day for their packed lunches! Now they’re back to school and the weekly challenge of planning what they’re going to eat every day starts all over again.

We’ve come up with lots of ideas which will give you tasty turkey packed lunches that are easy to make too!

Turkey and broccoli quiche made using Bernard Matthews Roast Turkey Breast Chunks is a handy lunch box filler that can be made at the beginning of the week and lasts for a few packed lunches. It’s super filling and sneaks in the all-important green veg too!

Turkey crunchbox made using Bernard Matthews Roast Turkey Breast Chunks is a lunch box friendly recipe that tastes as good as it looks. Totally versatile, you can pack this little pot full of all your children’s favourite salad veg.

Turkey Risotto made with Bernard Matthews Roast Turkey Breast Chunks may not seem like the obvious packed lunch filler but it’s actually a great packed lunch meal. Most children love rice, it’s really filling and it’s jam-packed with carbohydrates that gives kids bodies the energy they need.