Bernard Matthews Mealtime Games

We’re giving kids permission to play with their food… as long as they eat it all up too!

“Hi, I’m Jodie and I’m part of the Bernard Matthews Family Panel. We all know that getting the kids excited about mealtimes can be a really hard work, and getting them to actually eat their dinner can be even harder! But these Mealtime Games are great for getting the kids engaged with their food and making tea time a treat! I used the Bernard Matthews Turkey Dinosaurs, Bernard Matthews Turkey Jetters and Bernard Matthews Mini Kievs.”

Dino Football

  • Bernard Matthews Turkey Dinosaurs, 1-2 per person (cook as instructed on packet) Bernard Matthews Turkey Mini Kievs, (cook as instructed on packet)
  • Carrots, chopped into sticks, three sticks per person (best cooked)
  • Potatoes, mashed (boil then mash with milk & butter)

How To Play:
  1. Set up a goal post as pictured below. Three carrot sticks. Spoon some mash on the sides.
  2. Using a dinosaur of your choice, kick the Kiev football into the goal.
  3. Eat one piece of food each time you score a goal.

Jetter Passengers

  • Bernard Matthews Turkey Jetters, 1-2 per person (cook as instructed on packet)
  • Pasta, any shape or sized pasta (boil until soft)
  • Cheese, grated

How To Play:
  1. Fly your Jetters towards the passengers.
  2. Pick up a passenger and fly back to your mouth. Repeat until your pasta in your plate is gone.
  3. Reward yourself by eating the Jetter.

Jigsaw Dinosaurs

  • Bernard Matthews Turkey Dinosaurs, 2-3 per person (cook as instructed on packet)
  • Optional side dishes of chips, veg, baked beans or anything you fancy.

How To Play:
  1. Cut Dinosaurs into several pieces.
  2. Put the Dinosaurs back together before eating them.