Bernard Matthews Foods Ltd 2017 Gender Pay Report

Our Gender Pay Gap

At Bernard Matthews Foods Ltd, our people are at the heart of our business. It takes hard work and passion to be able to deliver our customers’ requirements every day.

We are proud that our workforce reflects a diverse and modern society and welcome the opportunity to report our Gender Pay data in accordance with The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

We fully support the new Government initiative, which we hope will prove to be a valuable catalyst to tackling inequality across the economy.

Under the new legislation, UK businesses employing upwards of 250 staff are required to disclose their Gender Pay Gap. You can find our statutory data and our commentary on the data below. We are confident as a business that over time, and with the right focus, significant progress will be made towards achieving a more balanced workforce, and we will report on this progress over the coming years.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Figures

The gender pay gap is defined as the difference between the mean or median hourly rate of pay that male and female colleagues receive.

Mean and Median Hourly Difference

The mean pay gap is the difference between average hourly earnings of men and women. The median pay gap is the difference between the midpoints in the ranges of hourly earnings of men and women. It takes all salaries in the sample, lines them up in order from lowest to highest, and picks the middle-most salary.

The figures provided below are based on hourly rate of pay as at 30 March 2017 and bonuses (performance awards) paid in the year to March 2017. In fact no bonuses were paid in that period.

The figures below shows the mean and median difference in hourly pay between male and female employees.

Median Gap: 1.99%
Mean Gap: 5.69%

Pay Quartiles

The pay quartiles below show the proportion of male and female employees in the lower (Q1), lower middle (Q2), upper middle (Q3), and upper quartile (Q4) pay bands.

Lower Quartile
Male: 68% Female: 32%
Lower Middle Quartile
Male: 63% Female: 37%
Upper Middle Quartile
Male: 66% Female: 34%
Upper Quartile
Male: 85% Female: 15%


The data below shows the mean and median bonus pay difference between male and female employees, and the percentage of men and women who received bonus pay within the required 12 month reporting period. As can be seen from the data below, no bonus payments were made in 2017.

Mean and Median Bonus Pay Gap:
Mean: 0%
Median: 0%

Percentage of Males and Females Receiving Bonus:
Mean: 0%
Median: 0%

Understanding What Our Gender Pay Data Means

At Bernard Matthews Foods Ltd, we believe that everyone should have the same opportunities regardless of gender and we will continue to strive to ensure that we create an inclusive culture where everyone has the opportunity to progress.

Our analysis has shown that our pay and bonus gaps are largely driven by an imbalance in the ratio of men and women, which increases further up the hierarchy (as shown in our pay quartile data). We are confident that there is no imbalance in the rates of pay given to men and women doing the same or equivalent work, and nor is there a significant gap between men and women at the equivalent grade in our structure.

Like many other businesses in our sector and the wider economy, we know that for certain skillsets, such as engineering, it can be hard to attract women at any level due to a wider skills shortage. While there are issues to address, we will continue our work to encourage greater balance; likewise, we will target specific areas we identify for development.

Overall we believe that our data compares favorably against reported national figures. For example, the Office for National Statistics reports a 24.5% median pay gap in the private sector, and 18.1% across all sectors.

We will review our progress against national data, the manufacturing sector and our direct competitors in order to benchmark our progress over time.

However, meaningful and sustained change will take time, and as with any organisation will rely on continued focus from our senior leadership team, which I am confident can be delivered.

I can confirm that our data is accurate.

Chris Just
Managing Director